Chassis Number Information

At Diamond Auto Parts we specialise in Mitsubishi Parts & Accessories.
Your Mitsubishi vehicle has a unique chassis number that helps us to get the right part for your vehicle. (Your chassis number can be found on your MOT certificate, your registration document (V5) or under the bonnet of your vehicle.)

You chassis number will look like the ones below.

For UK and European Cars it will have 17 digits. For import cars it is normally 9 or 10 digits. The chassis number in all cases will end with six numbers. If yours ends with letters it is more likely to be the model number you have found and not the chassis number.

Examples of Chassis Numbers

Pre 1996        JMA0NK240KP000192           JMA0NK140KP000192

1996-2006    MMBJNK7401D000192            MMBJNK6401D000192

2006-2012    MMBJNKB407D000192            MMBJRKB407D000192

Paint Code Information

Location: Mitsubishi paint codes can be found under the bonnet on the bulk head (at the back) of the engine bay.
Mitsubishi Colour Codes are typically 3 or 4 digits long, but can also be a letter/number combination.

Model plates can found on the front panel by the radiator, or on the bonnet it self.